Get the business know-how you need to build the video business of your dreams.

Nowhere are you more comfortable than behind a camera or an editing screen. But the business parts that make the whole thing tick and grow? That’s another story. We’re here with all the lessons they didn’t teach you in film school, so you can confidently start or scale your video business. 

Ready to ditch overwhelm, frustration, and burnout for good?


Quick question: Have you ever…


  • Felt unsure how to start or scale your video business in a saturated (and noisy) industry?
  • Gotten so lost in the weeds of filming and editing you neglected the business side of things?
  • Been stuck and frustrated serving clients who just don’t have proper budgets?
  • Said yes to a project even though you’re not passionate about the content?
  • Posted constantly on social media and crossed your fingers it will attract your dream clients, only to hear crickets?

Oof, feeling seen?
Just reading that list is exhausting. 


What if instead…

  • You had a vision for your company and confidence in its future, so you can work less (on better projects) and make more! 
  • You had the capacity to take on passion projects when you wanted to without fear of ‘losing out’—no more settling!
  • Your video business made money while you slept (or sip a craft beer at your favorite brewery).
  • You actually knew your worth and charged it.

This is 100% possible for your video business.
The best part?

You don’t have to sit around and wait for it to happen...we’re bringing the solution right to you.


Get the business know-how you need to build the video business of your dreams.

The Video Business Academy is the ultimate foundation course designed to equip video business owners like you with the tools and strategies you need to find more (and better) clients—and start seeing your craft as a legitimate business! Through a combination of self-paced videos, pdfs, spreadsheets, and a Facebook group, you’ll master the art of working ON your business instead of just IN it. 

Enrollment opens now through Monday, May 24th at midnight.


Just a few of the ways you’ll grow throughout the course

  • Find freedom in your video business through intentional automation, systems, and processes (and finally take that vacation).
  • Know how to confidently outsource tasks to teammates or contractors. 
  • Narrow in on your niche and set clear intentions for reaching out to and attracting your ideal clients and projects.
  • Learn how to set value-based prices instead of project-based prices so you can feel confident sending your pricing to potential clients and avoid burnout.
  • Create a network of connections and referrals throughout the video industry.

Your Class Schedule

(minus the stressful tests and homework)

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Module 1: Freedom Formula
Without a solid plan and a clear direction in your business, any marketing or growth efforts won’t be sustainable in the long run. The Freedom Formula is all about how to get clarity, make a plan, and set actionable goals—so you can find freedom in your life and business!

Module 2: Nail Your Niche
The riches are in the niches, baby! If your video business is speaking to everyone, chances are it’s speaking to no one. This training is all about how to identify and occupy your market niche so you can better speak to and serve your ideal clients. 

Module 3: Video Product Code
The Video Product Code is designed to help you create scalable, repeatable systems for your sales process. It allows you to start delegating some or all of the sales process to others without fear of your business falling apart, so you can get back to focusing on your business superpowers.

Module 4: Sherpa Sales Process
We’re pulling back the curtain on our sales process, from an initial call to signing a contract. You’ll master how to identify right-fit clients, lead sales conversations with confidence, and leave as little money on the table as possible.

Module 5: Essential Sherpas Stack
The “Stack” is an outline for how to create a customer journey that turns clients into raving fans. It informs the core of your business plan and gives you a sense of direction and momentum so that you can sustainably grow your audience and revenue without banging your head against the wall!

Module 6: Video Leads Lab
Remember that famous quote from the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come”? Yeah, that doesn’t work with your video business. This module explores how you can build an automated process for finding quality leads, delivering value, earning an opportunity to connect, and winning the right clients. On repeat.

Module 7: Referrals on Repeat
When it comes to finding new clients, referrals are crucial. Learn how to create a referral system that brings quality clients through your doors on autopilot so you can spend less time vetting and more time filming (without sounding weird or needy).

Module 8: The Video Workflow
Nobody likes to feel in the dark as a client. We’ll walk through how to make your entire client process squeaky clean with the video workflow, so you can instill more confidence in your clients and yourself.

Bonus: Cold Call Scripts That Convert (plus all the email templates you could ever want)
Script templates help you confidently reach out to prospective clients without feeling sleazy. Get access to our best script templates for cold calls, zoom meetings, emails, DM reach outs, and more. We give you the framework and you customize it to your heart’s content.

Bonus: CRM Behind the Scenes
Client Relation Managers allow you to maintain a flow from initial contact to booking. See behind the scenes how we set up and manage our CRM at Tell Studios (my video production company), and learn how to send the right follow-ups at the right time so you don’t lose out on new opportunities. 

And who doesn’t love a little something extra?

Bonuses Content + Resources

šŸ”„ Lead Magnet Workshop

šŸ”„ How to Amplify Your Lead Magnet with Facebook Ads Workshop

šŸ”„ 90-Day Action Plan

šŸ”„ Budget Maximizer

šŸ”„ 10K Proposal


Meet Your Head Sherpa

Hey friend, I’m Ryan Koral!

And I believe in the power of video to help people tell stories that impact the world. I also know running a video business is really freakin’ hard. 

When I started my studio in 2004, I was great at the video part, but the business part? Not so much. I struggled to sign clients, create structure, and land jobs that did more than pay the bills. Over the next decade, I slowly figured things out through trial and error—lots of error. Today, I’ve built a 6-figure video business booking large-scale projects, filmed all over the world, and worked with iconic brands and celebrities. 

How? With a repeatable process that’s equal parts strategy and execution. And now, I’m handing it over to you.

A sherpa’s job is to use their experience to show others how to climb the mountain; which path to take, where to step, and what to avoid. That’s exactly what my team and I at Studio Sherpas will teach you through the Video Business Academy. You bring your passion, we’ll bring our expertise, and together we’ll build the video business of your dreams.

Meet Video Business Academy Students

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The Video Business Academy is the place to be if…

  • You’re an aspiring or current filmmaker (we specialize in corporate videography but all are welcome and will benefit).
  • You’ve got the filming and editing parts down, but feel stuck or overwhelmed by the actual business side of things.
  • You want to take your video side hustle full-time.
  • You’re ready to put in the work it takes to do this video business thing well—and can’t wait to engage with others in our community!

Can you picture it, friend?

A video business that works for you, not the other way around.

It’s time to get the knowledge and tools you need to start working ON your business, so you can reclaim freedom IN your business and your life.