Ultimate Wedding Film Sales Bundle

Included in this bundle:

  • Ultimate Wedding Film Sales Script
  • Proven Email Templates for Wedding Sales
  • Creative Sales Philosophy for Wedding Filmmakers

You'll get the exact emails that we've used for years that help convert couples into clients. Also included is a real live call with an actual bride so you can hear what we say - and don't say - on a sales call. And lastly - you'll get a better understanding for how to speak to a potential client, ask the right questions, and formulate better solutions that should result in more profitable projects.


  • Live sales call w/ a real bride
  • Step by step phone script when chatting w/ brides/grooms
  • Practical and creative tools for approaching sales
  • Over one hour of audio walking through the creative tool
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (if you can prove that you've implemented these practices and you're not seeing a return, we'll happily refund your money)

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