Building the Right Team for Success

If you're hiring full-time, part-time, or contractors to help aid you in the growth of your business, this lesson includes over 2 HOURS of school of hard knocks gold on the "do's and don'ts" as well as some super helpful swipe files to guide you in this sometimes nervewracking process.

It's hard to find good help. We've had success (and some miserable failures). But we have each grown our team to over 5 full time employees each, and couldn't do what we love to do without them!  Watch, listen and learn as we share our journey to having succes in employing dozens of full and part time employees and even more contractors.

Here’s what’s included in this valuable resource:

  • Our unorthodox process of hiring creatives that helps you avoid having to sit through 25 interviews that were a waste of time. 
  • A sample video of a tutorial we use to train our new hires
  • A sample of our employee procedure handbook 
  • A sample hiring agreement 
  • Slide deck PDF and audio MP3 of the entire 2 hour workshop
  • An MP4 video walkthrough of our team workflow

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