Emails That Convert Enquiries Into Clients

The 32 emails that we use to demand top dollar for our work and stand out from our competition are given to you in the order that I (Matt) send them to our couples and families.

They are gateways into making an emotional connection with your potential clients without feeling like a “salesperson”. They are meant to HELP your clients understand not only the value of a wedding video and having YOU film it, but it also helps them understand whether you are even a good fit for them. Use them, tweak them, and make them your own. They are utilized best in ShootQ since we at Life Stage Films use the “appointment” links and questionnaires built in. However, ShootQ is NOT required. 

Here are some benefits to these highly evolved emails - 

- Responses that keep your potential clients on your website way longer after the initial inquiry

- A way to get them speaking to you and understanding value, instead of just asking for a price

- An easy way to encourage families that haven't responded to you after 4 to 7 days.

- Being their hero. We position you as an advocate for them with tips and tricks that make their wedding video experience better, something your competition isn't doing when they send over a "price sheet". 

- Helpful responses for when you call them, but they don't answer. Cut the phone tag out with 2 of our template emails! 

- Having an answer in email for for when you hear "you cost too much". These emails provide a 35% success rate for gettign them to come back and change their mind. 

- Confidence when you send a proposal. Templates that encourage booking now rather than 2 weeks down the road (or never at all) 

- Customer service after the booking, but before the wedding. A few template emails are sent 2-3 months before the wedding to keep them educated and builds trust in you and your team with "friendly suggestions" for the wedding day. 



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