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Partner Revenue Share
Sample Contract

Valued at over $500, this is the agreement we have our course creator partners sign. 

It breaks down who is responsible for which parts, how the revenue share works, and clear expectations for both parties to keep everyone happy.

Use it as a starter and customize as needed depending on how you build out your own partnerships with course creators.

As always, make sure your own lawyer approves whatever legal document you use to ensure it's binding in your state and country!

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Want recurring revenue for your video business?

Create a passive income stream for your production company by confidently presenting the opportunity to a course creator, with a quick and easy launch plan that doesn’t involve weeks or months of planning, prepping, and building…

This is the fastest and easiest way to experiment and begin creating recurring revenue for your video business.

What you'll get:

✅ Ninja tactics for testing an idea to see if it’s even worth pursuing

✅ The secret sauce to an offer page that sells

✅ List of industries and ideas that could be a good fit

✅ Lifetime Access and Upgrades