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Meet Ryan

I started my video business Tell Studios in 2004 with the desire to help people tell their stories in ways that could impact the world. Through plenty of struggles as a small business owner, I went from just trying to “make it”, to building a video production business.

With yearly revenues reaching as high as $1mil, average video jobs booking around $17k, retainer clients, passive income, a 5800sq ft production studio, multiple employees, my team and I have traveled around the world filming for national brands, hall of fame athletes, and other high profile clients. 

In 2016, I co-founded Studio Sherpas and started a podcast called Grow Your Video Business with the aim of helping other videography business owners on the business side of things. I also created the Video Business Academy to teach videographers how to grow a sustainable video business - without being salesy by sharing my failures, successes, and other learnerings (yes - I’m sure that’s a word!🤪) in order to have a bigger impact in the world.