The Business Of Being Creative w/ Sean Low

podcast Apr 10, 2017

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you’re probably going about pricing your film services in the wrong way.

Don’t worry, I’ve been doing it wrong as well, and so are about 99% of not only wedding, corporate, and commercial filmmakers, but creative business people in general.  

Sean Low is the Founder and President of The Business of Being Creative, a consulting company and fantastic blog (seriously, read Sean’s stuff) that helps artists build businesses that honor the art that is behind them. After starting his career as a lawyer, Sean found his calling working with creative business owners helping them transform that pesky business side of things that so many of us creatives struggle to maximize. 

One of Sean’s biggest criticisms is that through our pricing structures, we unintentionally cause our clients to value the wrong parts of our creative processes. By rethinking - and repricing - our offerings we can be more,...

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How To Be Intentional About Your Film Career Choices w/ Evan Bourcier

podcast Apr 03, 2017

*Spoiler Alert*

You might notice while listening to this episode that today’s guest, Evan Bourcier uses a certain word again and again and again. That word?


As in being intentional, thinking intentionally, and making decisions about your work, your projects, and your life with foresight and purpose.

Despite his age (he’s 23), Evan has achieved a lot in the world of filmmaking so far. He’s an award winning and highly sought after DP, owner of a boutique video production house, Valo Visuals and runs a popular educational blog, podcast, and Facebook community.

What’s the secret to his success?

You guessed it: Being intentional

If you’ve dreamed about moving from event video production to commercial work for big brands, or making the jump into marketing yourself as a full-time Director of Photography, Evan has some great tips on how to go about achieving those goals with intention.

Do you dream of becoming a full-time DP or take your career in...

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Weddings, Corporate Films, and Education: Getting To Know Your Sherpas w/ Matt Davis & Ryan Koral

podcast Mar 27, 2017

A little over a year ago we (Matt and Ryan) launched this crazy idea we had, called Studio Sherpas. Since then, we’ve put out our Selling Like A Sherpa course (which we will be relaunching soon!), launched this here podcast, and created a whole bunch of other content to help filmmakers take control of their creative businesses, move in a direction that inspires them, and charge what they’re worth.

You might be wondering though, “Who are these guys, and why should I listen to them???”

In answer to that question we decided to record a podcast focusing on us, Matt Davis and Ryan Koral, co-founders of Studio Sherpas, passionate storytellers, creative business veterans, and dedicated family guys.

Between the two of us, we’ve experienced pretty much all of the highs and lows that working in this industry can bring. We wanted to take a moment to share our own stories and hopefully provide some insight into what it’s taken for us to build our businesses...

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Why Most Wedding Films Suck, And What To Do About It w/ Patrick Moreau Of Muse Storytelling

podcast Mar 20, 2017

"It takes more than pointing your camera at a human to really capture character in your video. While most wedding have a bunch of people, and often prominently feature a couple, they rarely have any character."

This was the opening line of a recently published blog post by today's guest, Patrick Moreau. The blog post in question was titled Why Most Wedding Films Suck, and needless to say, it ruffled some feathers.

The post Why Most Wedding Films Suck had over 1,000 shares and 20k views in the first couple days–and created a firestorm on Facebook.

Patrick joins us today to dive deeper into the sentiments that drove him to write the post, and what the average filmmaker can do to not only produce films that don't suck, but ones that cross borders and inspire viewers beyond the wedding film industry.

If you don't know Patrick already, he's the co-founder of Stillmotion, a video company that went from shooting their first wedding with photo and video for $250, alllllll the way to...

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Passive Income For Video Producers w/ Pat McGowan of BlackBox

podcast Mar 13, 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past… well, ever... You’ve probably realized that our industry is going through some pretty major changes. A lot of these changes are scary to us as filmmakers and video producers. Budgets seem to be getting smaller, and it gets harder and harder for us to stand out from the hordes of insanely talented filmmakers that we often find ourselves competing for jobs with.

Pat McGowan is a filmmaker with over thirty years of experience in the industry and has watched these shifts take place over time and adapted to them along the way. He’s the owner of inMotion, a film house based in Ottawa, Canada, as well as his new service BlackBox.

He’s watched what he calls the commoditization of video content take place, with giant companies taking a major stake in content production and consignment. Pat realized that there had to be a way for the average video producer to capitalize on the ownership of the content sitting...

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Growing Your Video Business While Maintaining A Creative Culture w/ Joey and Aaron of 31 Films

podcast Mar 06, 2017

Ok, confession time. There was a time in my filmmaking and creative business journey where I almost let the business take over my life. I let the work that I was doing take over more and more of the energy and attention that I should have been focusing on my family, and I learned some really hard lessons from it.

Joey and Aaron of 31 Films and Film Lab Creative were getting established in this business around the same time as I was, and I’ve been watching and admiring their work for a number of years. Right from the beginning, the thing that set founder Joey’s companies apart in my mind was the culture he established. He’s been able to take his companies from a one-man operation to bringing in Aaron, to now having seven full-time editors on staff!

Of course, it wasn’t easy for them, and they too have learned many hard lessons along the way (don’t we all?). It’s never easy, knowing when it’s time to bring in someone else to help grow your...

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Redefining Success In Your Filmmaking Process w/ Rob Hardy

podcast Feb 27, 2017

If you’re like me, at some point in your life you’ve probably aspired to making it big and breaking into Hollywood as a director, producer, DP, editor, etc. But where did this idea of success come from?

Rob Hardy was an indie filmmaker working 18 hours days on projects he wasn’t passionate about, with people he didn’t click with, burning himself trying to achieve that goal. He was at the point of asking himself if he even wanted to be a filmmaker before realizing that there were many paths to a successful film career, most of which don’t lead to Hollywood.

Rob now runs The Filmmaker’s Process, a blog and growing community of indie filmmakers where he guides readers on how to redefine success for themselves, according to their own circumstances, talents, and values. He's also passionate about building a worldwide directory of film professionals to make it easier to connect with partners for our creative projects.

Few if any of us will...

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Finding Inspiration In Difficult Times w/ Ron Dawson

education podcast Feb 22, 2017

“You get to a point where there’s always going to be something that could hold you back, and you have to decide, ‘Ok, at which point am I not going to let that something be a hindrance to me starting to check things off of that bucket list that so many people have but they never actually get through.” [33:57]

I’ve been a friend and admirer of Ron Dawson for over a decade now, and he seems to have a way of making everything he touches turn to gold. Ron is currently the host of Radio Film School, a podcast that many call “This American Life for filmmakers”. Before RFS though, Ron had started 2 more uber-popular podcasts geared towards the film and photography industry.

Ron is now in the process of filming his first feature documentary, as well as transitioning his business and family into becoming global digital nomads.

As with all successful people, Ron’s story has not been without struggle. In this episode, he shares how some of the...

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The Future Of File Delivery w/ Michael Guastamacchio Of MediaZilla

Ok, I hate to be the one to bring back these horrible memories, but do you remember how painful it was when every project delivery was done through DVD?

Yeah, I hear ya, dealing with the whole DVD process was the first thing I offloaded when I hired my first employee, and I could not have been happier to never have to deal with it again. We’ve largely moved on from physical deliverables these days, but Dropbox and USB stick deliveries, while easier definitely lack the experience that DVDs and Blu-Rays gave.

In this episode, we’re talking with Michael Guastamacchio, co-founder of MediaZilla a content delivery service that delivers the best of both worlds. Michael and his team work to provide an immersive viewing experience for your clients, while saving you from the tedium of physical deliverables.

I know I’ve been waiting for a service like this for a long time, it makes our lives as creators so much easier, as well as giving a better experience for our clients....

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How To Double Your Freelancing w/ Brennan Dunn

Are you one of those classic creatives who loves what they do, and is really great at it, but struggles with taking control of their business and capitalizing on their talent. I know I am, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that just because you’re a creative type person, doesn’t mean you can’t master the business skills as well.

Brennan Dunn is the founder of Double Your Freelancing, a blog, podcast and online platform dedicated to helping creative freelancers such as videographers, photographers, software developers and more make the most of their talents and grow their businesses.

Whether you’re just starting out in your freelancing career, or have been doing it a while but want to take it to the next level, there are a ton of practices you can implement to your business and client relationships that will help you grow your business fast, and Brennan is here to share some of them with us today.

I’ve been doing this kind of...

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