SSP 004: The Dangers Of Being A Jack Of All Trades w/ Film Editor and Event Director Jon Connor

conference editing events filmmaking podcast video videography Sep 14, 2016

As busy entrepreneurs trying to grow our businesses and sometimes even just scrape by, it can be hard for us to step out of ourselves and our work personas to actually connect with those around us. Jon Connor joins us today and among other topics shares some incredibly powerful stories of how just being a good human while participating in the film industry have given him opportunities, great memories, and have even impacted lives for the greater good.

Jon is a filmmaker, editor, and writer, as well as the co-founder and event director of Masters In Motion, a 3 day event focusing on bringing like minded creatives together to learn from some of the best minds in the filmmaking industry. Jon has worked on productions for Showtime, National Geographic (he’s got a great story about this one!), and Urban Outfitters among others, and has a lot of wisdom, as well as a pretty great beard.

So many of the successful entrepreneurs we talk to are quick to point out that being a good human makes you a better entrepreneur and businessperson, and it certainly seems to be working for Jon. What do you do in your own life to break out of your own “self-first” mindset and
improve the lives of the people around you? Let us know in the comments!

In this episode:

- How taking a step down the list of credits can grant you huge rewards down the line
- Jon’s favorite memories from his time as a filmmaker - neither of which have to do with shooting or editing
- Why it might be a good idea to separate your filmmaking skills into separate platforms online, rather than going for a jack of all trades approach
- The benefits of attending events and gaining inspiration outside of your niche


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