How To Streamline Your Revisions Process w/ Wipster

podcast May 22, 2017

Have you ever come across a tool that makes you business run so much more smoothly that you would gladly pay 5x the price for it and still feel like it’s a steal?

Yeah, me too, and for me, Wipster is one of those tools.

Wipster is something of a “Google Docs for video”, allowing for commenting and collaborating right on top of the video, where it makes sense. You can even export those comments into your Premiere timeline to keep them front of mind when doing a round of revisions. It makes collaborating with clients and other members of my team SO much easier than it was in the past. Seriously, this tool couldn’t have come around sooner for me and my business, it’s that good.

Not only does the Wipster team have an amazing product (they actually don’t feel like they even need to sell to customers), they are deeply in tune with the pulse of the industry and where it’s headed. Content Marketing Manager Hayley Jordan and Partnership Marketing Manager Andre Van Den Assum join me on the podcast today to talk about what trends they’re seeing in the world of video, how you can stay ahead of those trends and capitalize on them, and how Wipster can make your life easier.

What are some of your favorite tools you use on every project in your business? Leave us a comment yo.

In this episode:

- Some current trends they’ve noticed in their community of video producers
- How to use your sales process to guide clients to future iterations on big projects
- The value of educating your clients on recycling and repurposing content across different platforms
- Wipster’s new feature roadmap for the next year


“Every week I go through a curated list of 200 blogs, across video creators, across individual businesses, across influencers and video marketing channels. And I just kind of get a feel for what’s interesting at that point of the week [to include in Wipster Weekly].” [13:21]

“There are so many options now for businesses to offer further services, and empower themselves by knowing more than the client. You know ‘We know that facebook videos are successful if they’re this length, and have this level of engagement. Is that something that you’re interested in? Let’s cut that for you” [19:37]



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