How To Double Your Freelancing w/ Brennan Dunn

Are you one of those classic creatives who loves what they do, and is really great at it, but struggles with taking control of their business and capitalizing on their talent. I know I am, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that just because you’re a creative type person, doesn’t mean you can’t master the business skills as well.

Brennan Dunn is the founder of Double Your Freelancing, a blog, podcast and online platform dedicated to helping creative freelancers such as videographers, photographers, software developers and more make the most of their talents and grow their businesses.

Whether you’re just starting out in your freelancing career, or have been doing it a while but want to take it to the next level, there are a ton of practices you can implement to your business and client relationships that will help you grow your business fast, and Brennan is here to share some of them with us today.

I’ve been doing this kind of...

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Why I love Canva and a behind the scenes look at how I use it

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2017

You guys. I LOVE apps ESPECIALLY the ones that make me work smarter and not harder. The other thing that I REALLY love (I know - all these CAPS... but can you just hear how much I'm trying to emphasize here?!) is design. Good design at that.

But I'm not a great designer. I like tooling around in Photoshop and I'm pretty efficient at it... but I'm not nearly as efficient as this:


Watch this little behind the scenes look at Canva and how I use it to create some super sweet designs, with branded content, free images and templated formats that I'd NEVER be able to do on my own. 

I do hire graphic designers - but when I'm in a jam or just need something quick and pretty - Canva is a no-brainer. 

And you're welcome in advance. Aaaaand THANK YOU, Patrick, for introducing this gem of an app to me!!


What's one of your favorite must-have apps to keep your business running awesomely and efficiently? We'd love for you to share...

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An In Depth Look At The Next Gen ShootQ w/ CEO Adam Fried

You know what one of my favorite emails that I get every single week is?

It’s the email telling me that a client has just booked with me and my team. Then a few minutes later I get a second email with their retainer payment, then another that they’ve signed the contract. The best part about these emails is that I can be off spending time with my kids, or my wife, or working on other parts of my business while an automated system takes care of my new leads and clients.

Adam Fried is the owner of ShootQ, having acquired the software company within the past year. In this episode he shares his vision for how he and his team are revamping ShootQ to make it the very best studio management software on the market.

My teams and I have been using ShootQ to manage our clients and workflows for the past ten years and I absolutely love it. This is one of those rare pieces of software that actually frees me up entirely to focus on the things I want to, like creating amazing films for...

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Take Action & Care For Your People w/ Ben Hartley

“A lot of really smart people don’t get around to doing nothin’. They like to think about it, they like to read about it, and then they go to the next book and they listen to the next podcast, and they attend the next workshop, and they talk and they talk about what they’re going to do. But then they don’t ever get around to doing nothin’.” [19:10]

As creatives, a lot of us struggle to move into the launch or action phase of our pursuits. Like Ben Hartley, today’s guest says, we think and talk and plan but often fail to pull the trigger. Well, if you need some motivation, Ben might just be your guy.

Ben is the founder of Style and Story Creative, an award winning wedding photography and commercial videography agency that has been featured on Creative Live, The Today Show, The Huffington Post and more. He also runs the Six Figure Photography Podcast and blog aimed at helping photographers achieve success in their business, but in a way...

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How Using Templates And Stock Content Can Grow Your Business Fast w/ Eri Levin & Tyler Williams of Motion Array

I know, I know, I’ve been there. As creators it often feels like cheating to use templates or have anyone else do work on our projects for us. To be honest though, sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed to finish a project on time, or to be able to spend any time whatsoever with our families and loved ones.

That’s exactly why Eri Levin and Tyler Williams, co-founded Motion Array, a creative marketplace with a variety of digital assets that include Premiere Pro templates, After Effects templates, stock music and stock video. Their goal is not to reduce the creativity of video producers and editors, but rather allow them to save time on their projects and focus their creative energies where it really matters. Their content is all highly curated, meaning that everything they offer is the highest quality possible.

To be honest, I didn’t realize how useful some of their templates could be until they described in detail how powerful they are. I know...

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Setting Up Systems So You Can Focus On What You Love w/ John Goolsby

education podcast systems Sep 30, 2016

“The ultimate goal is to be old and in love.”

That’s what our guest today, John Goolsby says he always tells his kids, and it applies as much to your business and what you fill your time with as it does to your relationships with the people around you.

John has been making films professionally for 30 years, and although he’s had to make a ton of changes to stay current with emerging trends and styles, he’s found a way to remain deeply in love with what he does, even after all that time. John’s company, Godfather Films has filmed over 3000 weddings, and currently takes on over 300 projects a year. Aside from wedding films, John takes on a lot of corporate projects and is currently even working on a reality show for A&E!

In this episode John takes a look back over his career in the film industry, covering everything from winning a national award for his film on floor mopping for a grocery store client, to now speaking at numerous industry...

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SSP 004: The Dangers Of Being A Jack Of All Trades w/ Film Editor and Event Director Jon Connor

As busy entrepreneurs trying to grow our businesses and sometimes even just scrape by, it can be hard for us to step out of ourselves and our work personas to actually connect with those around us. Jon Connor joins us today and among other topics shares some incredibly powerful stories of how just being a good human while participating in the film industry have given him opportunities, great memories, and have even impacted lives for the greater good.

Jon is a filmmaker, editor, and writer, as well as the co-founder and event director of Masters In Motion, a 3 day event focusing on bringing like minded creatives together to learn from some of the best minds in the filmmaking industry. Jon has worked on productions for Showtime, National Geographic (he’s got a great story about this one!), and Urban Outfitters among others, and has a lot of wisdom, as well as a pretty great beard.

So many of the successful entrepreneurs we talk to are quick to point out that being a good human...

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SSP 003: How A Gear Nut Became A Minimalist w/ Wedding Filmmaker Kraig Adams

podcast Sep 07, 2016

As filmmakers, gear is an essential part of what we do, and while there’s no denying that fact, it’s important to remember that gear isn’t everything. Kraig Adams, a certified gear nut, joins us today and shares how he’s adopting a minimalist mentality when it comes to gear, and the benefits that the switch is having on his workflow.

Kraig is a 25 year old, Brooklyn based filmmaker who, in addition to filming weddings himself, runs the website and Youtube channel Wedding Film School, where he offers tutorials, gear reviews, and teaches wedding filmmaking to others.

Kraig shares how he quickly gained a high end client base, his current minimalist gear setup, and how he got arrested for flying his drone in the city!

In this episode:

- How to fast track your way to finding clients in your local wedding film industry
- Some of the common mistakes Kraig sees beginner filmmakers making
- The challenges presented by filming in a major center like New York, and how...

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SSP 002: Charge More, Shoot Less, and Travel w/ Ray Roman

Have you ever dreamed of booking destination wedding after destination wedding? Maybe you struggle setting prices that you feel are worth your talent and the product you deliver. This week on the podcast, we’re stoked to have our old friend and wedding filmmaker extraordinaire Ray Roman on the show, who just happens to be an expert in...well, pretty much every area of the wedding film industry, but especially destination weddings and the typically dreaded business side of what we do.

For those of you who don’t know of him yet, Ray is widely considered one of the top wedding and event cinematographers in the world. Ray routinely travels the globe documenting weddings for high profile clients and discerning couples, as well as numerous star athletes. Ray has been the official wedding cinematographer for the Trump family, royal weddings and the highly publicized $20 million redwood forest nuptials of social media mogul Sean Parker.

So many wedding videographers struggle to...

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SSP 001: The importance of story and introducing a new app for storytelling

Patrick Moreau from StillMotion and Muse Storytelling talks about the importance of story in our lives - including our businesses. The other big topic we discuss is their new software for storytelling.

Check out:

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